22 | 02 | 2019
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Flair 'Phoenix' Tiger Moth

Flair 'Phoenix' Tiger Moth by Colin Bassam

On 16 Aug 2015 I was flying my Tiger moth (see here) when suddenly I had no control the receiver battery had died and it went into a right turn dive and hit the ground , it was a complete write off. It had served me well for 14 years and I couldn't face being without a Tiger but the thought of years of building filled me with dread, so I decided I would try and find a 2nd hand one that I could restore to the same standard as my original. I had saved many of the scale details which had survived the crash including the instrument panels one of which needed some repairs.

The 'Crossing'

In 2012 NLFMC moved to its current site, one of the most signfiicant enablers was the creation of 'the crossing' to gain access. As ever Stuart captured the events in his 'unique' style .......

YT ESM 50cc Spitfire


YT ESM 50cc Spitfire Mk.IX

YT ESM 50cc Spitfire Mk.IX Build by Stuart Josephs


Easter Monday March 6, 2015 saw the maiden flight of Steve K’s 50cc Spitfire. Built by me and piloted by Connor Stephenson, we watched with great expectation along with a fair number of members, enjoying the Easter sunshine. The flight was spectacular! The only adjustment to trim was two clicks of down elevator.


 Poster 130 January 2019

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STEVE KENDALL'S P47G Thunderbolt Snafu 60 built by Stuart Josephs

STEVE KENDALL'S P47G Thunderbolt Snafu 60 built by Stuart Josephs


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Another maiden flight coming up soon for Steve Kendall. I've recently completed building Steve's Snafu 60 P47 Thunderbolt.

flying 8th feb 2015

flying 8-2-15

Flying(!) 8th February 2015


As the clouds parted and the sun shone a few brave flyers ventured out for a bit of fun, there were quite a few laughts, some very innovative tech and a lesson in blended waterfalls !

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