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MESSERSCHMITT Bf-109E - from YT INTERNATIONAL - built by Stuart Josephs E-mail
Written by Stuart Josephs   
Monday, 09 March 2009 17:40

Bought this model direct from YT and started the build back in November 2008 and completed it mid February. Good kit and it went together well apart from one tiny problem.

The rudder & elevator wooden dowel rods were 200mm shorter than the 800mm specified but not a problem to extend them.

All the decals are pre-applied so they shouldn't lift off, as have some on my other models. The parts fitted together well and I was particularly impressed by the fit of the cowl. Just needed a bit of smoothing on the inside and it fitted like a glove.

For the undercarriage I've used YT International's own newly designed retracts and oleos, which are air up & air down. Very good they are too.
Although I'm using an air control valve with pressure adjusters, I've found I can get better control & more scale speed if I also fit restrictors in the airlines.

Due to the position of the throttle control on the engine, I was unable to fit the throttle servo in the tray, as it meant having bends in the wire making it very sloppy. As you can see from the picture, I've fitted it to the side of the fuselage in direct line with the throttle, so it's a straight run for the wire.

Power for the receiver and the 8 servos is from a 4100 mah battery, which is installed immediately behind the bulkhead under the fuel tank. This has helped to reduce the number of lead weight strips required to achieve the correct balance. YT design the model to correct scale, so it's tail heavy and needed 6 x 50 gram lead strips, which I've screwed to the engine bearer legs.

The German pilot and a scale spinner are from YT. The spinner is supplied un-cut so I did a test on an old one before cutting the slots for a 3-blade prop. To make it easier next time, I've bought a contour gauge.

The wingspan is 72.5" and a flying weight of 12-13lbs. I've fitted an SC 120 4 stroke. Not the best by any means but if it runs as well as the one in my Spitfire, it'll be fine.