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Stuart's Corsair Part II **Now with Video** E-mail
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Monday, 28 December 2009 10:22

Top Flite - Gold Edition Giant Corsair - Built by Stuart Josephs - completed December 2009

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It was October 2007 when I took delivery and started building the Corsair and now over two years later, I'm very pleased to say, it's finished. And very good it looks too, if I say so myself.

I'll never build another kit from a box of wood and a plan but once I got it to an ARTF stage, I really enjoyed putting the whole thing together, it's kept me occupied for many many hours and as you see from the pictures, I set up in the garage. You may recall that once I'd built the wings, tail plane, ailerons etc. I couldn't continue because the cyno and constant sanding were making me ill. So I must at this stage express my grateful thanks to David Spencer our past Chairman, who came to my rescue and very kindly built the fuselage for me. Without David doing that, the kit would probably have remained unfinished. I'm not going to give a blow-by-blow description of the build, as the pictures tell the story. But just a few things, which may be of interest.

I bought the engine from China. It's a DLE 55 petrol. Develops 5hp at 7500 revs & fitted it with a Mejzlik 3 blade 20x10 prop. Starts easily and runs well.

Covered the complete aircraft in dark blue Solartex and then painted it with Halfords Vauxhall Cosmic Blue. The light blue is model paint. Painting was made more difficult by the fact that paints are now water based and can be easily removed with any of the usual solvents, which would not have moved cellulose based paints we had in the past. I've had to re-spray the cowl 3 times because even meths brought the paint off. Then sprayed it with petrol resistant lacquer and even that will only protect against the occasional splash.

The pilot was shipped in from Century Jet Models in the US. Couldn't find one in the UK. As you'll see, I had to perform a double amputation below the knee, as he turned out to be just too long in the leg. CG is 5 3/4 inches from the leading edge at the root. I had to make a platform and bolt on 4.5 lbs of lead to get the CG correct. Took the plane up to the club on Sunday and taxied around the runway and it handles well on the ground. Just another 2 tanks of fuel to run and it'll be ready to fly.

Weather permitting and my Chief Test Pilot, Flying Officer Steve Stringer agreeable, the maiden flight should be at Dishforth. Stuart Josephs Dec 2009

Well the great british weather delayed the maiden flight until the 27th June 2010 but I'm sure you will agree it went very very well.