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20 | 01 | 2019
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Written by Stuart Josephs   
Thursday, 16 April 2015 20:15


YT ESM 50cc Spitfire Mk.IX

YT ESM 50cc Spitfire Mk.IX Build by Stuart Josephs


Easter Monday March 6, 2015 saw the maiden flight of Steve K’s 50cc Spitfire. Built by me and piloted by Connor Stephenson, we watched with great expectation along with a fair number of members, enjoying the Easter sunshine. The flight was spectacular! The only adjustment to trim was two clicks of down elevator.


It’s an ESM kit from YT International, powered by a DLE 55 with a 23 x 8 wooden prop. Wingspan is 89 inches and overall flying weight around 23 lbs.

I started the build late October 2014 and completed it early March 2015. A most enjoyable winter/spring project, although a little cold at times in my garage workshop. Steve and I actually powered her up for the first time in my garden March 27.

Except for a couple of niggles with the split flaps, the kit went together well. The best feature is the cylindrical bulkhead. This was cemented in place when all other parts had been installed and the cowl fitted, enabling the distance from the spinner back plate to the cowl to be at exactly the right distance, because the cylinder slides in and out of the fus.

I’ve used a 14 channel receiver so there are no Y leads, enabling all control surfaces to be set independently. The choke is also on a servo and I’ve fitted a Just Engines Opto Kill Switch.

In total there are 4 batteries. 2 x 2S Lipo’s to the receiver via a Powerbox Switch, 1 x 2S Lipo for the ignition and 1 x 5 cell NMH to power the Robart Electric Retracts, which are superb.

As is usual with scale war birds quite a lot of weight is required to get the CG correct. As you can see from the photos, I’ve fitted all the lead to the engine mount, and in total there’s 850 grams. In addition, all four batteries are fitted inside the bulkhead cylinder, so all the weight is as far forward as it could possibly be.

Looking forward to the next flight, when I’ll also make a short video.