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This is a collection of links that some may find useful. If you have any to add, there is a thread in the Website Comments section of the forum to suggest new ones. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it of any broken links.


YAS Christmas Show Popular show for winter projects. This year its running on Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th November 2009


Al's Hobbies
Aurrora have some sophisticated chargers and data logging kit
BRC Hobbies, electric flight, chargers, etc
Carbon Copy, Lots of carbon parts for your planes, or full-size car.
E-Flight Cumbria - fantastic for EDF and advice of setups
Electrolite, LiPos mostly, and some other stuff, bnased in Harrogate
Giant Cod, Cheap Chinese stuff, UK based, probabkly worth keeping an eye on
Hobby City in Hong Kong, some swear by it
Indoor Flyer have lots of very small RC gear, also do laser cutting
Just Engines, Just engines and accessories
Leeds Model Shop - our local model shop
Micron do a lot of small stuff, and Scorpion Motors in the UK
Model Maniacs do some very cheap large LiPos and other stuff
PhoenixMP, EPP slopers, lots of other stuff
Pro Build, Aircraft, lots of YS engine info and bits, servicing
RCM Bits, a good collection of odd bits like clevises, linkages, screws, odds and sods. Sadly photos of white nylon things against a white background make some things hard to get a good look at.
RTF Electric, mostly helicopters, but good for batteries says Pete
Steve Webb Models and Servo Shop both seem to be the same place
Sussex Model Centre
Overlander do batteries and a range of other things


APC Props
Axi Model Motors
Belair Kit Cutting will cut kits to your own design
Ben Buckle Vintage Kits
Chris Foss Designs, WOT would you want here?
Dave Smith Models, aerobatic models from York
Duremax speed controllers and stuff. DOesn't work yet (Jan 2008) but apparently coming soon.
E-Flite aircraft, motors, electronics
Flight Power LiPos
Great Planes make, err, planes, and also market the RealFLight RC sim
GWS make a bunch of stuff, too
Hanger 9 planes and stuff
Hitec servos and stuff
Horizon Hobby, this is the UK site.
Jeti Model Electronics speed controllers and the like
J Perklins Distribution distributers of modelling stuff
Kyosho Planes and stuff
Profilm/Oracover covering films (Profilm is the UK trade name for Oracover)
Progress Aero Works, what can I say?
Ripmax, importer and distributor
Solarfilm's website, product range, instructions
YS Engines


RC Groups, probably the biggest internet group for RC discussion
WattFlyer, electric flying


The E Zone, Electric flight online mag
Flying Sites, UK based articles and stuff
ModelFlight, an independant UK web 'zine
RCM&E's website, forum, articles, ads



Aircraft Plans in DXF and PDF format
Martin's Flying Machines, very very small planes, less than a couple of grammes some of them
Phibros is a cool depron soarer delta, flies brilliantly, built in 2 hours.
Scratch Built Carbon Butterfly, a bloke who's done it himself
X list plans, lots of plans for sale, reprints of some magazine plans


AeroPlaza, a Dutch site in English with lots of info and plans
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Links, a meta-link to a lot of useful links
PL Daniels, several useful articles for construction
Pico-Z Toolbox, people who've modded the Pico-Z
RCPortal has an extensive links page

Connor's Heros

Donatas Pauzuolis's home page


Take these with a grain of salt - best to average them and you'll be close to the real forcast. Cynical? Moi?

Metcheck - for the LS17 area, which is Huby but just about covers the site
Met Office for Harrogate
XC Weather gives more-or-less real-time weather, hover over Leeds and Bradford for latest observations at the airport

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